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"Ethics First" is the primary message Aaron Beam conveys to his audiences. His experience with Healthsouth and the research he’s done about ethics in American business, qualifies him to deliver this compelling story and message to any organization, group or classroom that values ethical behavior, and the process of achieving it.

Aaron Beam’s story is “the untold story of HealthSouth”, one of America’s most successful health care companies and subsequently the perpetrator of a $2.8 B accounting fraud, one of the largest in American history.

Aaron Beam speaks to University students, business and management groups and conventions; including Healthcare Companies, Financial Managers, Internal Auditors and Securities Training seminars. His client’s and corresponding testimonials (link to C&T Page) from University ethics professors, the Institute of Internal Auditors (iiA) and the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), along with video samples of his interviews and speeches are evidence of Mr. Beam’s effectiveness in communicating warnings about bad business behavior and pitfalls that led to a monumental corporate fraud.

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As a founder and the first CFO, Mr. Beam takes an audience from HealthSouth’s humble beginnings, through its meteoric rise to its disastrous revelation; the subsequent trial of Richard Scrushy and Beam’s three-month incarceration in a Federal prison.

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Moreover, Beam reveals the nature and specifics of the fraud and the twisted personality of the driving force behind HealthSouth – Richard Scrushy. Scrushy was a hard-charging, unscrupulous visionary whose caustic, selfish motives and manipulation of Wall Street; despite HealthSouth’s meteoric success, led to his fall from grace and expulsion from the company he created.

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